Rock Your Next Interview
9:00pm 9:00pm

Rock Your Next Interview

The Adulting School brings you monthly live webinars that we call School Assemblies.

In your March Assembly learn to Rock Your Next Interview.

Discover the Art of Answers: highlight the right skills and express the human behind your resume.

Jessica teaches you the art in how you answer so you can stand out in an oversaturated job market and rock your next interview, getting the job that you want.

Jessica Smith is a Career and Wellness Coach for 20-somethings. Her coaching philosophy is centered around this idea that every person is born with an internal voice of wisdom; she calls it your ‘ness. When connected to your ‘ness, you are guided to every right next step in your life. Your ‘ness cultivates a special kind of confidence; it gives those who tap into it, the ability to be bold, take risks, and express themselves freely!

Jessica helps people drop external expectations & go within to find who they are so they can live life with more flow, confidence, & joy! In order to do this? Your 'ness is required.

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