Katie and Rachel


Rachel Weinstein is a psychotherapist in Portland at her business The Open Heart Space, LLC. She doesn't shy away from sticky conversations and likes getting into the muck of life! In her spare time she loves gardening, sewing, and hanging out with her 2 kids, hubby, and 17 chickens. You can read her blog at www.theopenheartspace.com.



Katie Brunelle lives by the advice of Miss Rumphius: “live by the sea, go to faraway places, and make the world a more beautiful place.” With a degree in elementary education and certification in gifted education, she was in education for 14 years before developing a personal business as a health coach and working with a local business in branding and sales. Everything came full-circle when Adulting Collective was born.  Katie lives in Portland, ME with her two children and has a penchant for writing, yoga, and 90s hip hop.



The Adulting School & Adulting Collective Idea

How did you think of this??

The story begins with Rachel seeing a sign for an insurance company offering classes to teach young adults about "grown-up" insurance stuff. Rachel had seen so many clients struggle with the lack of knowledge in doing so many "grown-up" things that she wanted to show them they weren't alone. But how?

Katie gets a phone call from Rachel saying, "I HAVE THIS THING. AN IDEA. AND EVERYONE LOVES IT...BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT! Your Facebook posts are really funny and you seem to know a lot of people. I don't know why, but I know that I need you to help me."

Katie wondered aloud if Rachel knew she had thirteen years in education where she focused her career on teaching to the individual and creating a classroom experience where all learners were engaged. And, by the way, she had been taking business classes, particularly along the lines of online course creation.

Together, an unintentional superhero duo, they sat down and mapped out The Adulting School's mission and vision. Bring support to those who are looking to gain the skills they need to be a successful adult. Do this so that the information is fun and not intimidating. Let all Adults-in-training feel empowered with their new knowledge. Successful adults mean a successful community for all.

What is the difference between Adulting Collective and Adulting School?

We realized The Adulting School's mission was getting lost in translation when it came to the word "school." Yes, we provide information and resources and you DO learn the skills and knowledge that you've been missing, however, we don't look like your average school.

  • We don't teach in a classroom setting...We pop-up in venues like restaurants, bars, and co-working spaces to network, share demonstrations, and present basic adulting knowledge. You meet people, you ask questions or just listen and observe. We provide the space, the content, the drinks, food and fun while you make it fit your needs.
  • We're not all categorized as either teachers OR students. Everyone involved has adulting strengths and challenges. Someone who is contributing as a pro in finances may need some help integrating healthy, balanced nutrition. We're all simply in the Adulting Collective--some are contributors while others are participating. Some are both.

Adulting School is being created and will launch really soon. This will be the membership site where the courses and challenges live.

Anyone who subscribes to this site is a welcome member of the Adulting Collective. And if you're looking for those courses and challenges you'll finding those resources in the Adulting School.

Am I too old to need The Adulting School?

Never! We believe that everyone hits Adulting Milestones throughout their life. Times where we are faced with needing to know some piece of information that we haven't run into yet. Changes in health insurance, legal matters, dealing with a death in the family, retirement... Empowered adults are life-long learners.