Adulting School


We are a Collective of people who want more.

We want more experiences. We want to be more. We want to be recognized for what we are brilliant at.

We want the support of the best damn humans out there to help us get there. #squadgoals

When you join Adulting School  you get MORE. As a Collective, we spread love like cream cheese on a bagel. The school is where you commit (ah! don't freak out. commitment can be a good thing) to being more successful. You're determined. You're ready. YOU ARE GOING TO BE A REALLY %$&@ing GOOD GROWNUP!

What are the 6 Essentials of Adulting?

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We are accepting pre-enrolled members into Adulting School. The new websites: Adulting Collective and Adulting School will launch so soon, but we don't want you to forget about us. Join now to have access to our private Facebook group and mailing list, where we keep everyone updated on the launch and drop free Adulting tips and goodies on you. (It doesn't usually hurt.) Getting on this VIP list gets you sneak peeks, a chance to meet others in the collective, AND a free 2 week trial when we launch. Our version of bottle service.


You've been there and done that. This time let's learn from the people around us. Network, make friends, share what we know.

We've curated the best of the best to introduce you to. We made the party list and we're hosting the best soiree. You can come back every month to get everything new we're adding. Because FOMO.

Coming Soon:

Your A.Q.: We pulled in some more wicked smart people to work on a real quiz about your adulting skills. Take our new and improved assessment to get your Adulting Quotient, along with some clear results around where to go next. Join Adulting School to watch your AQ change as you start making some adulting changes in your life.

1 Week Courses: You don't have TIME to go through school AGAIN. You're a grownup. You need to work and travel and pay bills and walk your dog and go to brunch. Could someone just show you what you need to know really quickly?

Yes, yes we can. We add new courses every month to the Adulting School and you'll find something of value under each Adulting Essential. Get bite-sized pieces of info spread out over a week. Fit it into just minutes of your day. Log in to grab it, or simply open your email and click on your daily lesson right there. We've carefully selected lessons made up of video, audio, quick readings, and more from your own Collective. They applied to share their knowledge and we carefully interviewed and vetted their stuff, so we think it's pretty good. Look for what you want to learn more about under each of the 6 Essentials, or search the database using tag words.

LIFE HACKS: Not only are there mini lessons on those "book smart" topics, we will also make sure you know How To Fold A Fitted Sheet or Remove A Red Wine Stain. Show your book smarts AND street smarts. 

CONNECT RIGHT HERE:  No need to get distracted by another tab open for social media groups, when we open we've got it all in one place. Meet your hive mind at Adulting School. Let us know what to pop champagne about and what you want us to help you out with.

WEBINARS: You're invited to our monthly live webinars, presented by a guest from the Adulting Collective. Check the list in advance for new topics and different Ambassadors. 

LOCAL WORKSHOPS: Free & discounted tickets to our live, local events are available to Adulting School members for free and reduced prices. (Currently local to Portland, Maine, but we are going to be coming to a city near you!)

AMBASSADOR DIRECTORY: Looking for more help on a specific topic? Liked the lesson that you found on budgeting? Reach out to that Ambassador through our directory and feel free to ask for help or see if they offer further services.

We add new courses, ambassadors, and webinars every month!



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If you've got some  quality material you'd like to share as a lesson or a course with the Adulting School, contact us today! Being an Ambassador gets you in front of a huge audience that wants your help.