Honey Fixes: Health & Beauty Recipes

The Adulting School holds live events and creates a collective crowd who are there to meet people, network, and walk away with some new or refined adulting skills. Fill in the gaps of your knowledge while having a drink and meeting people in your city!

At a Home Ec Happy Hour you mingle, snack, drink, and network. The presenter will usually take around 45 minutes and then we do a quick tip adulting skill for you to take away. Then you get to drink and mingle again as we wrap things up.

For this Home Ec Happy Hour event, Adulting School is happy to introduce Maggie Knowles. As a beekeeper and certified herbalist, Maggie loves using her own honey to create healing and delicious recipes to make your life more healthy and sweet. In her Healing with Honey workshops, she teaches seasonal recipes from cough syrups to hand scrubs that you can easily make in your own kitchen.

After Maggie shows you how to make your own burn balm (sun is coming, right?!), tasty and healthy honey snack, and a hand scrub, stick around to learn how to properly sharpen your kitchen knives as well as chop and dice vegetables. Christina Morrison, Director of Operations at Have Chef Will Travel, is going to show you the basic and best practices to keep your knives sharp and different chopping skills.

Have a drink and learn some stuff along the way! We can't wait to see you there.

Location: Maine Mead Works (Honeymaker)

Date: Wednesday 4/26

Time: 5:30-7

Tickets: $5

**There will be some national media at the event and we will have you sign a release form in case there is any video footage released with you in it.