Financial WorkUP

Do you feel disorganized or confused about managing your money? Does your debt totally stress you out? Do you make enough money to pay your bills but still end up putting stuff on credit cards because you don’t manage the $$ like you want to? Do you want to start an emergency fund and a retirement fund but don’t know where to start?

At the Financial WorkUP Allison Brooks Bishop is going to HELP you with all of that! Allison is a FUN, down-to-earth financial counselor in Portland. She has 19 years of experience helping people get to a place where they feel more empowered and in control of their finances.

When you sign up for this workshop you’ll get a questionnaire designed to find out exactly what you MOST need help with. Allison is going to design her talk to directly address your most pressing issues and give you action steps that you can take to move toward your financial goals right away. You’ll also get handouts/takeaways to help you start organizing your budget, managing your debt, and starting your savings/investing. Coffee, donuts, and a mimosa will be included as well. Usually ONE hour with Allison is $125. In this workshop you’ll get 2 hours of financial support for $20!!!