Personal Branding: Yes, It's a Thing.

DAY 1 of Winter Session

KEYNOTE: Personal Branding: Yes, It's a Thing. With Marisela Funes Jones

A student once wrote on an evaluation that Marisela Funes Jones stands in odd corners of the room. She has been a professor, a publisher, an author, conference speaker, translator, a telemarketer for a day, and a waitress at a Mexican restaurant.  She will discuss the ROI (return on investment) and unique challenges and perks of a Humanities PhD, the importance of a good pen, and winging it with confidence.

AFTER THE BELL: How to Sew a Button

Save your favorite jacket AND money by learning to sew a button! And easy, simple hands-on workshop.

LOCATION:  The Honey Paw in Portland, Maine

Winter Session Tickets are $10 per day, or Session Package of $20 for 3 days.

(These are 21+ events)

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