Gift Without Going Broke

I saw red and green sh*t at the ends of the grocery aisles as early as the day after Halloween, but it’s a week into December and the countdown to the holidays has officially begun. As you start to prep for your family’s holiday keep in mind the old adulting mantra:

Don't buy stupid sh*t for people that they don't need.

Just kidding. I made up that adulting mantra...but it’s not a bad saying to remember right now.

Here you are---at an #adulting moment. You don’t have a lot of cash. You’re expected to show up with presents for the fam. And you WANT to give. So what do you do?

At The Adulting School we’re not into doing stuff just because people have said we should. That’s part of what rocks about Millennials. You’ve grown up being told by and large that you can “be whatever you want to be” and “do whatever you want to do."

So here’s an opportunity to think outside the box. To push the envelope. Don’t go to Jared’s. Maybe don't even go to Urban Outfitters. Those gifts cost $$$ and they lack real quality!

Instead, really think of the recipient. Think about what they like to do, or believe in, or enjoy sharing with you. And put together something that reflects that you know who the f**ck they are.

  • Make a personalized coupon book.

Your mom thought it was cute when you were 10, but she’ll think it’s even better now that you can offer things like “Hallmark movie & wine night.” Or, “Walk & Talk: 30 minutes of exercise and having no way to evade your questions.” (Don’t forget these kinds of coupons work great for your significant other, WINK WINK. I’d make this elusive statement dirtier, but it’s right after talking about Mom, and I just can’t.)

  • Buy a puzzle you can do WITH them.

No, this isn’t as lame as it sounds! Think about this as a way to force someone to spend time with you and get the puzzle with as many pieces as you can find. Nieces, nephews, grandparents, boyfriend...plan your puzzle nights!

  • Bake them amazing muffins.

Take out that old family recipe or hit up Pinterest. Make something homemade and put it in something cute with a ribbon. Done. Co-workers, neighbors, friends. A friend of mine once made some really delicious granola for me and packaged it in a mason jar with some cute fabric covering the lid. I had breakfast and snacks all week and it looked so good on my counter.

  • Print out a cool quote and frame it.

Look through memes you’ve shared over the year, or go to good old Pinterest again. Which quote makes you think of a particular friend? Find the perfect font, print it out, frame it. Find a cheap frame at somewhere like TJ Maxx, Target, or AC Moore. Or scavenge GoodWill for something with character.

  • Donate in their honor.

What’s their favorite charity? If they don’t have a favorite charity, think about something they love or feel passionate about. At Heifer International you can buy a flock of chicks, geese, or ducks for a family in areas of poverty for $20! And honeybees for $30!

Be creative. Be wise with your $$$. Don’t stress yourself out going into debt. Your loved ones will get something that shows you really know and love them. That’s great adulting.

Happy Holiday Season from The Adulting School!