Adulting School Ambassadors


Do you know some Adulting stuff? Are you willing to share with our collective?

Check out our most current list of course topics. If you can provide quick, bite-size, quality content for one or more of those topics, please:



Share what you know, join the Adulting Collective as an Ambassador

Course Topics

1. Review our current Course Topic List:

We have certain topics that we are looking for under each Adulting Essential. Please review the list before applying, so that you can tell us which you'd be creating content for.


Apply to be an Ambassador

2. Fill out the quick application:

Once you've reviewed the Course Topic List, apply to create specific content for the Adulting School and Adulting Collective. It is 15 quick, mostly check-the-box questions.


Preliminary Phone Interview

3. Get  on the phone with us!

Application review can take 2-4 weeks. After, you will get a phone call from our team as a preliminary introduction and to answer any questions you may have about the ambassador program.