Rachel Weinstein, CEO (left) and Katie Zoe Brunelle, COO (right)

Rachel Weinstein is a psychotherapist in Portland at her business The Open Heart Space, LLC. She doesn't shy away from sticky conversations and likes getting into the muck of life! In her spare time she loves gardening, sewing, and hanging out with her 2 kids, hubby, and 17 chickens. You can read her blog at www.theopenheartspace.com.

Katie Brunelle is a wellness coach living in Portland, Maine with her two children. She is a writer, yogi, and social butterfly with the knack for ending up in unexpected situations. Her current blog can be found at katiebrunelle.com


About The school:

The ADULTING School was created to help fill in the gaps in our adult know-how. You know--the stuff we wish we'd learned in high school or college and never did. So many of us are doing well overall but have been limping along with patched-together systems for financial management or organization that don't work all that well. 

The ADULTING School hosts events in your area that are fun and non-threatening and provide a way to learn those skills you've been missing.

If you've been wishing you knew more about:

financial planning


saving for retirement



career development

The ADULTING School is a great way to learn, have a good time with friends, meet some new people, and drink good beer and eat yummy local food.

Check out the event coming to Portland, Maine this November!